SliceUp provides real-time log and telemetry analytics.
We automatically identify anomalies at the edge and send only relevant information to the backend.
That enables you to optimize network bandwidth, reduce storage costs, and instantly direct you
to the root cause of the problem with context on how to fix it.

AI-Driven log parsing

There are plenty of proprietary log formats that differ in structure. SliceUp automatically parses all the different log files, no human input required. 

Real-time data fusion and analytics

SliceUp automatically stitches together all the different data types (metrics, logs) in order to increase the accuracy of anomaly detection  AI and ML models.

API & Crystal clear UI

At SliceUp we know that information overload and alert fatigue can be frustrating. With our crystal clear UI, you only get notified of important information, saving you tons of time.  We also provide an API to send alerts to your existing tools.

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