Identify the root cause
of your IT and Network outages 
before they happen

SliceUp delivers AI-driven, real-time network and log data analytics to predict future failures in your IT environment, helping you find problems you didn't know to look for.

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Instantly identify the root cause of failure.

Quickly identify the root cause of the problem in a matter of seconds, not days. SliceUp provides you with context on what is happening and the details you need to fix it.


Get ahead of the problems.

Downtime can cost over $500K/hour. Get alerts before something is about to fail and eliminate the cost of expensive outages.  Proven high accuracy and an ultra-low level of false negatives let you sleep better at night. 


Optimize bandwidth and save money.

SliceUp's helps you identify in real-time which data matters, sending it to the hot storage, while low-value information is discarded or rerouted to more cost-efficient storage. 

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