pulling intelligence to the edge


In our increasingly technology-driven world, massive amounts of data are generated every second. Finding out what actually matters in billions of rows of different types of data coming from a variety of sources is like looking for a needle in a haystack, even if you figure out which haystack to look in. We have come to the point where we have to analyze all that data and make real-time decisions in just a fraction of a second.


That’s where SliceUp comes into play.


Predict Infrastructure Issues

Reduce downtime and MTTR with greater than 95% true positive anamoly detection

Quicker Response Time

React quicker to physical security issues with more accurate and actionable data

Reduce Cloud Compute Spend

Drastically reduce your cloud spend by filtering at the edge and cost-effectively storing log files

Optimize Troubleshooting Costs

Automated Root Cause Analysis (ARCA) works behind the scenes so your team can respond quickly to the most important issues

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