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Stay Out Of Trouble In Your Performance

As a skilled Network Professional and Ninja Warrior, you are about to be granted access to a powerful AIOps technology - SliceUp. This Network Automation System uses Machine Learning to identify performance problems before they affect business services.

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Quest 1:

Reduce Remediation Time and Time To Innocence

For your initial network management task, utilize your skills along with SliceUp's Artificial Intelligence that analyzes massive amounts of log and network data to predict and resolve network issues before they impact operations. SliceUp uses predictive analytics to detect long tail network problems and their root causes, giving you ammunition to win finger-pointing battle.

Quest 3 >
Quest 2:

Boost Productivity with Network Automation

In this assignment, you must improve teams productivity leveraging SliceUp's self healing networks ability and limit time consuming tasks. SliceUp detects routine networking issues, does root cause analysis and automatically generates templates for scripting the fixes. Watch out for: duplex mismatch, port security, cert expired, etc.

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Quest 3:

Chop Risk with Digital Twin "what if" analysis

As you prepare for your battles, use SliceUp's predictive technology to do "what if analysis" on performance data like Interface Utilization, CPU, Latency, TCAM, Memory Usage, MTBF, visualized on the topology map to identify potential problems and bottlenecks faster.


You completed all the quests

Now that you have an understanding of the benefits that this predictive networks AIOps technology can deliver, it is time to unlock Level 2 for a deeper dive into example use cases and key product features that Network Managers and NOC teams can now access at their fingertips.

Unlock level 2