Zero trust software defense for Linux.

Polymorphing for Linux enables you to remain operationally flexible and decrease unplanned downtime.

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Zero trust software defense for Linux

Today, enterprise IT teams juggle managing day-to-day operations and critical systems, while also providing new software and services for customers. Once a cybersecurity vulnerability is announced, these organizations have to decide whether to take their critical infrastructure offline to patch, or wait and run the risk of a security breach. At best these teams experience unplanned downtime that halts their operations, and at worst they lose sensitive customer data and trust.

Polymorphing is a zero-trust software solution that mitigates known and unknown memory-based exploits from the moment you install your operating system, before a vulnerability is announced and regardless of whether you (or we) know about it. This provides extreme system resilience, protecting you during those periods when you cannot or choose not to patch, or when a patch is unavailable or cannot be applied.

Polymorphing secures all major Linux distributions including end-of-life versions of Red Hat, Alpine, CentOS, Debian, Oracle Linux, Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu, and, if needed, custom builds.

Benefits of using Polymorphing

Patch Operations

Protects you when you cannot or choose not to patch. 

Increase Security

Mitigates known and unknown memory-based exploits. 

No Resource Impact

No impact to runtime overhead and no changes to existing processes or interoperability.